How To Increase Employee Satisfaction With Disc

Employees are the heart and soul of any corporation, and leaders spend much of their time cultivating organizational talent. Satisfied employees are more productive, more engaged, and more likely to remain with the organization. This has important implications for the companys overall profitability, as well as its hiring costs. Moreover, in many corporations, labor is frequently the biggest cost driver. For all of these reasons, smart executives understand the importance of high employee satisfaction.

One way to generate workplace satisfaction is via employees DiSC personalitytypes. The idea behind DiSC is that, by understanding your employees personality styles, you can moderate your behavior to best work with them. For example, a high-D person (D stands for Dominance)wants to take charge, get directly to the point, make a decision, and move on. If you by nature are high-I (I for influencing), you probably enjoy chatting and socializing with your staff. This is likely to infuriate your high-D employee, who wishes you would knock off the social niceties and get to the point. As a leader, youll get far more output from this employee if you learn to adapt your style somewhat. Similarly, your high-D staffer will benefit from training in DiSC, so s/he learns what to expect from your high-I leadership style.

In other words, leaders can create a healthy, positive working environment by training employees in DiSC behaviors. Once employees learn about the four major DiSC styles, theyll understand why their coworkers behave the way they behave, and theyre less likely to get frustrated by differences in personal behavioral styles. Whats more, to the extent that employees can moderate their behaviors to suit others, theyll build even better, more productive working relationships. This leads to a virtuous cycle of employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

You can train your employees in this manner using the DiSC profile, an easy, online test. Taking the DiSC is a fun, enjoyable exercise for a group of coworkers. Not only do people enjoy comparing their own DiSC styles to one another, you can also create a report for your entire group or department. With the entire team plotted on a single graph, its fun and easy to see patterns and commonalities in different styles.

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